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Hi, I’m Carol Bush. I am an Oncology Nurse Activist, Community Builder, Connector, Change Maker, #CrazyMemaw, #GardeningGeek and proud Kansas Farmer’s Daughter.

I’m a values-driven doer, energized by work that improves people’s lives and has wide-ranging impact. I believe that compassion and human connection can help us build more effective, efficient businesses, and I believe that business can be a powerful force for good in our world.

I believe in the work I do, and I strive to work with High Impact organizations that fall in line with my values. Working with cancer advocacy, wellness & illness prevention associations and coalitions has been a career-long passion for me.

I help High Impact Health associations, agencies and coalitions launch, scale and activate community health initiatives and learning collaboratives.

Work with me 1:1

“Pick My Brain” Session

I open up my schedule on select days of the week to make one-on-one Pick My Brain sessions available. I use a unique hybrid of consulting and coaching to provide insight and guidance.  Here’s what you can expect:

After you book a session, here’s how it works…

1.You do a little bit of homework. Yes, sorry, I’m going to give you homework! It’s easy, I promise. I ask you a few key questions about your current efforts and goals. You send your responses back to me at least 48 hours before our session. You also send me 2 questions you have that you hope to get answered during our session.

2. Then, I do some homework. (See, I have homework, too!) I take a look at your responses and your questions, and come to our session with detailed and specific tips, tricks and answers for you.

3. We meet! We’ll chat via zoom for our session. During the session, I’ll spend every moment giving you as much value as I possibly can.

4. I send you some follow-up goodies. When our session is complete, I provide you with notes and action items from our session! Along with your session notes, you’ll also receive a recording of our session together!

5. You go and make it happen! After our time together and reviewing your notes, you’ll be ready to start making big things happen.


Package #1: $450 (One hour prep, one hour session, detailed follow-up)

Package #2: $750 (One hour prep, three hours worth of sessions, detailed follow-up)

Package #3: $1,550  (One hour prep, eight hours worth of sessions, detailed follow-up)

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