Introducing the Healthcare Marketing Network!

This community of healthcare creatives was founded by Carol Bush & Janet Kennedy to:

  • Create a global online community of support, education and referral for healthcare freelance writers.
  • Match healthcare writers to clients needing informed, credible healthcare content for their blog, website, marketing, CME or thought leadership.

Our mission is to:

  • Increase the quality & accuracy of health-related content out in cyberspace
  • Provide opportunities for healthcare professionals of all specialties to leverage their expertise

 Value Proposition – for Writers

  • Access to a robust online community for peer support, training and collaboration.
  • Access to Sponsored PitchFests and a Talent Marketplace to establish & grow a writer portfolio

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Content Management & Solutions


  • Provide affordable, accurate content solutions for healthcare businesses, startups and medical practices
  • Develop & maintain a community of quality healthcare freelance writers to meet client needs
  • Text broker service for freelance healthcare writers of all experience levels & specialties


 Value Proposition – for Clients

  • Content is created or edited by healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate, high-quality content.
  • All content is edited and checked for originality before first draft submitted to client
  • Multiple package options are available making custom content affordable.



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Freelance Success Story!

A Business Coach Changes Everything

I wasn’t searching for a community when I happened to stumble upon my now beloved business coach, but I certainly found one when she led me to the Healthcare Marketing Network.  

After  writing for a content mill for a few months I had gained experience and built up my portfolio, but it was clear that something was missing.  I needed vision. I acquired said vision as I was searching for business coaches late one night and came across an article about top nursing blogs that Janine Kelbach (my soon to be business coach!) was mentioned in. I emailed her that night, she got back to me the next morning, and just like that the future of my business was forever changed. We started with a short 45 minute meeting and before I knew it, she had given me more than just a few business tips; she’d given me a community full of like-minded entrepreneurs with a thirst for growth and a strong desire to lift one another up.  

Janine, also known as WriteRN, recently told me that her goal when working with new clients is to help them create business goals and a vision for their future. She said that steering new writers towards the Healthcare Marketing Network has been invaluable.

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Blog Carnival Launch: Introducing the #CarnivalOfHealth hosted by the Healthcare Marketing Network

We’ve started something new because we’re creative like that!  

We’re going to start hosting a blog carnival (AKA a blog hop) just for our awesome tribe of writers in the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Community.

This will be a great opportunity to network with other members of the tribe, learn from one another, and even gain more traffic to your blog!

We’d love for you to play along, so read all the details below and join us on this fun new adventure!

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We help Encore Entrepreneurs in Healthcare craft stories, get found online & master digital skills.

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